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Who can participate?  Any youth age 5 - 13!


Are registrations limited?  Yes, registration is limited to the first 400 crazy monkey's that register!


Will all 400 of us go at the same time?  No.  You will choose one time slot, 3 or 4 pm, and only 200 participants will be allowed per time slot. Each time slot will have 3 age groups and will be released by age group, oldest to youngest (11-13, 8-10, 5-7). If you'd like to participate in both, simply sign up twice!


Do I need special skills to participate?  Absolutely NOT!!  If you are ready to challenge yourself and have some fun, that's all you need.  


What should I wear?  Nothing special.  Tennis shoes would be a good idea as the course is approximately 1 Mile.  You MAY get wet, so pack another set of clothing if you want to be sure you're dry afterward.  


Do I need to bring anything with me?  No, just bring yourself, your parent or guardian, and your amazing enthusiasm!


Is it competitive?  No, you will complete this at your own pace.  Be proud of yourself that you did it, we are!!  


What happens at the finish?  Each athlete will receive a finishers award for participating, as well as a bag of treats and water.    


Can I register the day of?  Yes, if there is space.  Registration will be limited so don't wait.  Of course, the earlier you register the better (and cheaper for your parents).  


Must I wear the bib number you give me?  Yes, all numbers must be worn and visible on the FRONT of your shirt.  No number, no playing.  If your number is not visible, you will be pulled from the course and not be eligible for any of the fun goodies at the end.  


Can I do the obstacle course in both time slots?  Yes, to partcipate in both, you must register twice. Indicate a different time slot for your second registration. Remember, only 200 participants will be allowed per time slot.


Does my You Crazy Monkey registration get me into the Ashley for the Arts grounds?  No; however, we do highly recommend you check out Ashley for the Arts though!  For only $10, you get THREE days of awesome experiences, sights, sounds, music, and lots of fun!!  


What about the weather?  We'll go rain or shine.  Only extreme weather would keep us from having this kind of fun.  If it rains, just be prepared, you will get wet.  That just means more memories. :)


Do I have to do ALL the obstacles?  Do as many of them as you can, but if there is an obstacle that you aren't comfortable with, you certainly may skip it.  


Can we try out the course prior to?  We're sorry to say that you can't.  However, if you'd like to prepare, just get out and have a little fun!  Run around chasing the dog, climb around the jungle gyms at your school, balance on a piece of wood, and so on.  Trust us, use your imagination - you could have LOTS of fun getting ready for it!


Will the course be open afterward to play on?  Nope, sorry, once the event is over, the obstacles come down and we'll have to take our toys home.  


Must I have a waiver signed?  YES, ALL participants must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.  If you're registering online, you'll sign the waiver electronically.  If you're registering on paper, simply sign the waiver section.  You will NOT be able to participate if a waiver is not signed.


Is there anything fun happening after the obstacle course?  There sure is!  Be sure to check out the Ashley for the Arts grounds for LOTS of happenings all throughout the day.  A $10 per person admission will be required to enter the grounds. 


Should I bring anything as a spectator?  Just a great cheering voice, a camera if you desire, (and maybe some pom-poms)!  The kids will love to hear your enthusiasm as they make their way through the course!  If it is hot, as August afternoons do lend themselves to, feel free to bring along some water, and maybe an umbrella for some shade.  


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