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 Your Mission: 
To Cycle, Hike and Seek! 
You must FIND as many checkpoints as possible 
(having as much FUN as possible)
with your awesome teammates
before time expires!



Chase Trempealeau: Downtown Trempealeau (Main St/Hwy 35 & 3rd St)
will run from July 15, 2021 – July 18th, 2021. Entries posted after 11:59 p.m. on July 18th, 2021, will not be eligible to win prizes. 


This year is SUPER exciting, silly, and as always, challenging with a lot of adventure and surprise.
If you are familiar with the in-person event, this is a little different from the traditional Chase Trempealeau. There are a few critical changes.

  • All registration is online and all materials will be delivered via email to the Team Captain
  • Participants will have FOUR entire days (dawn to dusk) to complete the scavenger hunt; however, the hunt will NOT take you four complete days.  Remember, you can find as many or as few as you like!
  • The hunt will still include a map, clues, photo challenges, tasks, trivia and more! 
  • While you will register and receive/deliver information online - the hunt itself is as LIVE as it always has been! Yup - Get Up, Get OUT, and Get Active with the FINAL Chase 2021 Quaran-TEAM Edition!



How can I register:
Click on the "CT Register Now" on the left menu or click HERE

How much does it cost?
The Chase 2021 Quaran-TEAM Edition will cost just $15 to register the entire Team (up to 6). 

*Registration will remain open until July 18th.
See registration for (optional) t-shirt deadlines!*


What is my mission and how does it work?
Your mission will be to seek and collect as many points as possible before the 4-day time limit on the course expires. Checkpoints are placed within a radius of the starting point and you will have 4 days, from dawn to dusk, to find as many as possible.

Will the hunt take you 4 whole days?  We sure hope not!  But this gives you options. :)  Remember, you can find as many or as few as you like.

Each checkpoint will have a point-value assigned to it based upon difficulty and activity (bike/hike/challenge). The harder the challenge, the higher the point-value. Which checkpoints you choose to visit and which roads you use to get there will be entirely up to you and your crew.



The steps:
1) We provide you with a guide indicating: by map, by address or by clue the location of checkpoints. Once there, you will either need to solve a puzzle, answer a question, complete a task or take a photo.  


2) After completing a checkpoint, you move on to the next, and the next, until you have either found/completed all necessary checkpoints, you’ve gotten tired and it’s snack time, or are nearing the cutoff time.


Each teammate will need:
 A bike and a REQUIRED helmet (you have only one head, let's not lose it!)


At least ONE teammate will need:

  • Digital camera - (a smartphone is easiest, see next). You will use Instagram and/or email for photo submission
  • A cell phone - use this to guide you along. You are permitted to use gps, internet search and maps to complete the challenges and find locations. (having no cell phone may hinder you at a checkpoint or two but if you have internet access at home, you can always come back later!)
  • At least one person needs to have access to the Instagram app*. This is where you will post pictures and proof of your adventure! 
    *Alternate option email pics and proof to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  by the game deadline.

Optional items:  

  • Water bottle(s).
  • Bike lock if you want to secure your bike.
  • Bike tire repair kit and pump – you know, in case.
  • Any food you would like to eat while on the course findin' stuff (give a hoot, don't pollute)
  • Shoes - remember you will be getting on and off your bike a lot. You may not want bike shoes that clip to pedals for this one. Or carry a spare pair for hiking.
  • Additional cash - not required but needed if you are interested in purchasing items while on your hunt.

 How can I register?  
You can register online. Click HERE to go to the registration page.

Where, when and how will I get my maps and clues?
Clues, maps, and rule reminders will be emailed* to the Team Captain the evening before the start of the event. Please be sure you provide the correct email address for us to send the information to (AND teammates - be sure your Captain is worthy, there may be some mutiny...)

Nope, no one gets to see the map or the clues until the given time. Except us - we get to see them and no we're not telling.
*Please advise if you need other arrangements, hard copies will be available for pick-up.

How long do we have to complete the hunt, can we pause and pick up on a different day?  
Your team will have four entire days to complete the scavenger hunt and ABSOLUTELY you can pause at any time and start again - same day, different day - when you are ready! If you are in it for the prizes, be sure you have uploaded your photos and proof of completion by the Cut-off time. 

 Where can I pick up my t-shirt if I purchased one?  
Shirts can be picked up at In The Making, 11364 Main St, in Trempealeau. Pick-up days will be the Wednesday 5pm-7pm and Thursday/Friday 9am-6pm of the week the Game is held.

 Where can I pick up my reward if I received one?  
Did you place in the top 3 of our leaderboard? All rewards will be mailed to the team captain’s address – you’ll have to fight them for your loot! 

 How many people can I have on my team?
‘Teams’ can be made up of one to six people! (be sure to consider and observe any social distancing guidelines and the comfort of your teammates)

 Are there age limits to the teammates?  
There is just one recommendation: at least one teammate must be 16 years or older. This is for your safety. Please keep in mind, we will have no set route. Everyone will be responsible for following all traffic laws and any CDC and local authority recommendations.  

 Does our team have to stay together throughout the hunt?  
YES, teams should remain together. It's just more fun that way!

Is there a marked route?  
No, we will supply you with clues to the area, and how to find the checkpoints, but there will be no marked route - you choose where to go and how you will get there. You ARE allowed to use your cellular device as a gps/map/points of interest search.

Your guides are your phone and the clue sheet/game map (provided). For those familiar with the LIVE version of Chase, this will be a hybrid of that adventure. There will be a simple map and approximate locations of SOME checkpoints that will be indicated.

Keep in mind, some checkpoints will be found by address or by clue and finally, some checkpoints can be attained anywhere, and absent of a specific location, these will not be marked on the map!

Will I get lost?  Maybe, but the town is small and quaint. It shouldn't take you too long to find your way back. You WILL have a map. We highly recommend you don't lose it. :)



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