What is Monster Up with BOKS?



Monster Up with BOKS is a before school physical activity program being offered to kids from grades K-5th through  Communities Off n’ Funning - a local nonprofit organization dedicated to getting kids, families and communities up, out and active.  Active Kids = Active Minds, our goal is to get kids moving in the morning and prepared for a day of learning.  Classes are filled with team-oriented games and provide plenty of opportunity for fun!


Question:  Who is administering the Monster Up with BOKS before school program?
Answer:  The Monster Up with BOKS program is being brought by Communities Off n’ Funning, a local 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to getting kids, families and communities up, out and active. We are working in partnership with the School District; however, any questions, comments or concerns about the program should be directed to Paula Gold or Amy Brenengen; Directors of Communities Off n’ Funning.


Question:  Why does the program run before school?
Answer:  The premise of the program is Active Kids = Active Minds; therefore, it is important to get moving in the morning before school starts when the effects of the physical activity are most impactful.


Question:  What time will the program start and how long will it run?
Answer: Sessions will run 2 days a week for 8 weeks. The times will be from 7:10 am to 7:45 am. 


Question: Who can participate in Monster Up with BOKS before school program?teamwork
Answer: Any child K - 5th grade.


Question: Is there a fee associated with the program?
Answer: Yes, there is a commitment fee to participate in the 8-week session.  Registration forms and fee can be returned to the school, Attention: BOKS.


Question:  Can I sign up on the first day of the program?
Answer:  There will be limited spots available, so we highly recommend signing up in advance.  Registration is first come, first serve.


Question:  I feel that my child has some specific needs (medical, physical, etc.) that may require additional attention. Can he/she attend?
Answer: Of course! There is a place to indicate specifics on the registration form.  We will reach out to you prior to the start of the program so that we can have an open discussion of the expectations and needs of each party. 


Question:  Will transportation be provided?
Answer:  No, you will be responsible for your own transportation to school. 


Question: Can I drop my child off earlier than 7:10 am?
Answer: No, there will not be supervision provided prior to 7:10 am and school rules prohibit the dropping off of children prior to the start of the program.


Question: Do you provide breakfast?
Answer: While we will occasionally provide a post program snack, we will not do this on a scheduled basis. We encourage children to fuel up and eat something before attending, bring a healthy breakfast snack that they can eat before the start of school, or take part in the school provided breakfast.  


leap frogQuestion: What are the expectations of the students participating in the program?
Answer:  There are a few expectations we require all participants to uphold - this will allow for the success of Monster Up with BOKS in the areas of delivery and effectiveness:

  • We expect the participant to uphold the TRI principles:         
    • Trust: that the participant will behave in a trustworthy manner with regard to behavior.   
    • Respect: That the participant will respect the trainer, other participants, the equipment and the facility.         
    • Integrity: That the participant will behave in a positive and encouraging manner in both action and word, that he/she will support the ideals of teamwork, leadership and best effort.
  • Attendance: We would like to see every participant miss no more than 3 classes in the 6-week session. This will help us maintain accurate data on the effectiveness of the program.
  • Behavior: Poor behavior will not be tolerated.  Please remind your child to come with his/her listening ears and show the trainers the same respect one would show another teacher in the school.
  • FUN! We want every participant to have a great time getting up and active!


Question: How many kids can participate in the program?
Answer: A maximum number of kids will be allowed to participate in each session. Applicants will be accepted first come, first serve. If the program fills, those remaining can be put on a waiting list and have first priority at the start of the next session.


Question: How is the program structured, is it just an open gym time?
Answer: It is not open gym time. Monster Up! with BOKS is a fun physical activity program that wakes up your brain and body for school and teaches you healthy habits. Each class is structured and will focus on functional fitness (running, jumping, lifting, throwing, etc.) and nutrition. The sessions will incorporate a warm-up followed by some running, organized games and other fun activities in a friendly, noncompetitive, fun environment and end with a cool down/stretching and a quick nutritional tip.


Question: Is there an attendance policy?stretching
Answer: Yes. Attendance is taken at the start of every class. One of the goals that Communities Off n’ Funning has with presenting the program is to measure the programs impact on those students participating. In order to see the benefits of the program, attendance is critical. 


Question: Will there be feedback for parents or teachers?
Answer:   Yes, this ties in with the attendance policy. We will be supplying short, simple, anonymous surveys to participants, teachers and parents of the participants to evaluate the effectiveness of the program in the areas of fitness, nutrition, student behavior, concentration, confidence and overall wellbeing.


Question:  What should my child wear?
Answer:  We will be very active.  Please send your child in sneakers and comfortable clothing. 


Question:  What happens on a late start or no school day?
Answer:  We will follow the school calendar.  If there is a late start or no school day, Monster Up with BOKS will not meet.


Question:  If it doesn’t work out for us, can I be refunded?
Answer:  No, we’re sorry.  All supplies and services for the program have already been paid for.

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