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Want to affect the lives of our young people?  Want to get them active?  Want to start up an active club/initiative or running club?


There are many, many wonderful programs out there that don't take a great deal of prep, are super fun and easy to use that will get our youth excited about being active!  All you have to do is find the right program that matches what you're looking for.  


Here is a listing of some great motivation to get your program started:


GoNoodle - GoNoodle turns movement into a game and makes it easy to be active, the kid way—silly, energetic, playful, and fun. Just press play on hundreds of custom-created videos and get kids running, jumping, dancing, stretching, and practicing moments of mindfulness.


Just Run - promotes fitness and healthy lifestyles in our children and youth. The name JUST RUN® epitomizes our guiding principles: ACTIVITY and SIMPLICITY. Our goal is to get as many children as possible RUNNING or WALKING or MOVING on a regular basis. JUST RUN® provides all of the tools necessary to make this possible!


Marathon Kids - Marathon Kids is dedicated to improving the health of children by providing them with the tools, motivation and support to live happier, healthier lifestyles.


Kids run the nation - The Kids Run the Nation Program is a multi-week, gender neutral, youth running program designed for children in grades kindergarten through sixth grade.


Mighty Milers - Children in Mighty Milers set mileage goals and earn loads of rewards along the way. The program is flexible and easy to implement so you can tailor it to your unique needs and environment. You can do Mighty Milers before, after, or even during the school day, as part of P.E., recess, or a quick classroom break. It's ideal for pre-K through 8th grade and great for kids of all fitness levels and abilities.


100 Mile Club - Whether they run, jog, or walk towards their goal, the 100 Mile Club inspires students of all abilities – athletic, non-athletic, learning disabled, handicapped - to be active in an accepting, positive environment.


BOKS - BOKS HELPS KIDS kickstart THEIR BRAINS. BOKS is a FREE program that gives kids a body and brain boost that will set them up for a day of learning.


What's more exciting is that Off n' Funning is offering three grants in 2017 to kick start your active youth inititative!  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for all the details.

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